Sounds like a fantastic concept to me and it can form part of your destination marketing strategy.

If you don’t live in Germany where you local bar has a Stammtisch, you can just start your own. Set a time a place and commit to meeting your mates there on a regular basis. I have a German friend who started a Stammtisch at a student bar in Stellenbosch some 30 – 40 years ago when he was a student lecturer at the university. He still gathers with his colleagues at the same time and place for Stammtisch when he is in Stellenbosch.

Germans have a long tradition of gathering to discuss ideas over a beer, so think of a Stammtisch as an extension of Biergarten culture.

Every small town German restaurant or bar has a Stammtisch. Stammtisch means Ein Tisch für Stammgäste, a table reserved for the regulars.

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