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About us

BeerTroopers.com is a culmination of Holger Meier’s lifelong dedication to the beer industry in South Africa. Growing up in a country dominated by one mega brewer, Holger has made it his mission to promote beer culture and bring beer variety to the South African beer drinker. When Meier published The Beer Book in 2014, he found 501 bottled beers in South Africa, a massive change from the 5-6 SAB brands of his youth.

Meier is a passionate networker and storyteller with nearly 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the beer and liquor industry.

Meet the Beer Troopy

I invested in a hard-to-find, Land Cruiser 78 series Troop Carrier, called the Beer Troopy and I am using this iconic vehicle to promote the Beer Passport to beer drinkers in South Africa. But the job is way too big for one Beer Troopy on his own. What we need is an army of Beer Troopers. So BeerTroopers.com was born.

Holger Meier

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A Few Frothy Facts (Small Print)

Free Beer: The Beer Troopy has been able to arrange a free beer at each destination at the generosity of the brewer. The terms of the free beer are at the discretion of the brewer. It might be a small taste or a full beer or only with a meal. Please accept it with gratitude and be gracious should you encounter a problem.  Please understand and accept it should the brewery not be able to extend you this offer. If we become aware of any changes or errors we will update the individual destination pages here on beertroopers.com as soon as possible.
Beer Tour Buses are a No! No! A carload of mates is okay. The Beer Passport is not designed to encourage pub crawling. When you visit our partner destinations please stay a while, enjoy a meal, buy a few rounds. Have some fun!